Complete Privacy Policy

Wipes Australia is committed to keeping any personal details or information gathered about you under strict protection. We take your privacy and security very seriously and ensure you that this information is not shared, swapped or sold to any person, business or organisation. Complete Privacy Policy.

Information that may be attained includes details you provide about yourself including name, date of birth, email address, billing or shipping address, and credit card information. Your email address may be also be used for our enewsletter service, however this can be changed if you don’t want to receive communication from us.

The use of cookies is employed by Wipes Australia through our website. This allows us to establish your identity (allowing login function to your own account) and manage our relationship with you including personalising services to your identified needs and identifying ways in which we can improve. Cookies are only activated whilst you are accessing the Wipes Australia website, does not allow us access to any of your other applications and are only used to provide you with a better shopping experience.